Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Week 1 learning in Room 5

Welcome to Term 4. Each week we want to show you what we do in Room 5. Below are a couple of pictures from our reading tumble.
While I read with a group, the rest of the class is working as a group on an assigned activity.  
In the first photos the group are completing the ABC train. They then had to match an alphabet card with a picture that started with that letter - for example matching A with the picture of an apple. Ariana had an idea and suggested that they line the cards up with the train.
The third photo shows a group during our maths lesson. We are learning to count on from any number. Each student was given a caterpillar that had a number (under 10) at the start. Once they had their caterpillar they had to complete the number line by finding the numbers that came next.

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