Sunday, 18 September 2016

Room 5 shows off their artwork

On Friday Room 5 had a chance to show off their cool cat art work . We created this after reading Slinky Malinky Catflaps. 
First the children practised drawing the number 8. We then drew ears and tails on to our cats. To finish off the cats the students decorated them with pastels. 
The amazing Kathy helped us to design the amazing background that we stuck our cats to. If you have a close look you can see each student 'peeking' over the fence in the artwork, next to their cat.
We will have this on display in Room 5 very shortly.

Well done to the Room 5 students who sat up in front of the whole school during the first part of assembly and to those brave students who told the school how we made this amazing piece!

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