Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Ready, set -GROW

In Room 5 we are doing a lot of growing at the moment! We have our little garden pots that have mostly sprouted and will soon be planted in the big school garden and now our beans have sprouted!
We are having a bean race! Room 5 wants to know which beans will grow faster - the ones that we look after in class, or the ones that we have planted straight into the school garden. So far the class beans are winning the race by 2 centimetres! We have 2 sprouts in the garden and the tallest one is 2cm, our class bean as you can see in the picture is 4 centimetres!

We have asked that each child please bring a clean, clear plastic bottle to house their plant when we plant it into the school garden. If you have a spare one at home could this please come in too. We are hoping that the bottle provides shelter from the wind and creatures that like baby plants .

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