Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Hello Term 1!

Wow what an awesome start to the year! Lovely to meet new smiley faces in Room 5.
Yesterday we learnt about what happens at school when the bell goes, what we can do at play time and routines for our day.

Today we have been working on saying 'my name is....' in Te Reo.  If someone says to us " Ko wai to ingoa" we reply "Ko ..... taku ingoa"  It is taking a bit of practice but we are all giving it a go and learning together.

Here are some photos of Room 5 working on tumble activities. The first week is all about what we do at school and in class. Making a safe and comfortable learning environment for the students is very important. It sets them up to take risks and learn in their own time. We look at things like working together as a team, supporting each other and respecting each other.

There are so many aspects to the first week! But most of all it is about making learning fun. A lot of the learning students are doing is integrated through art projects, tumble activities and whole class work.

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  1. Well done Room 5 for settling in so quickly. Looks like loads of fun!


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