Monday, 1 May 2017

Hello Term 2!!

Welcome back to school!! Room 5 has had a few changes! Today we greeted 4 brand new faces - Levi, Navaya,Hendrix and Aaron all had their first day of school.

Due to the increase of students in Room 5 last term, some of our students moved into the new Room 6 with Mrs Trebes - I checked in with them and they all had a great day .

To strengthen our home / school partnership I have introduced Room 5 to Seesaw. Seesaw is an app that links students school life with home. Seesaw is a way to "include families in the learning process by inviting them to view updates to their child's Seesaw journal." 

Students are in charge of the posts that are put on Seesaw, which then come to me for approval. Parents only have access to their child's journal, via the QR code that has been sent home. Please feel free to add comments on your child's posts as this will encourage the use of the app.It would be great to have all parents on board with this.

Finally, just a few reminders for the term.

  • Our first bell goes at 8.55am , all students must be at school by this time, if you arrive after this bell please report to the office to let them know your child is here but late.
  •  Book bags & notebooks need to come to school everyday. This is an essential communication tool and contains homework and notices.
  • Uniform - Please ensure all clothing is named, and when the weather gets wet , a spare set of clothes is a great idea.
  • Class blog - It would be awesome to have comments left on our blog so we can see who is reading our posts - feel free to share it with family and friends.

Room 5 had a great start to the term, despite the rushed start with the fire drill! Many thanks to those parents who brought their children to the field. It was unusual to have this happen before school starts! If you are at school and hear a continuous bell , everyone is to make their way to the field as quickly and calmly as possible. We discussed this in Room 5 and will have another talk tomorrow to make sure students remember what to do in this situation.

Have a great week!!

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