Monday, 5 June 2017

Room 5's super heros!

We had another busy week this week and it was mostly centred around our writing . This week we made super hero capes and masks and then wrote about what our super power would be if we had one.
We also performed at assembly in our cool super hero gear. Here is a photo of us all dressed up and a few of our stories we wrote.

"My super power is lava. I am going to put it on the trees." By Ruby

"My super power is electric. I am going to electric other people." By Olivia

"My super power is to make ice. Then I can build a castle." By Navaya

"My super power is camouflage so I can sneak up on bad guys". By Luscous

" My super power is fire. I am going to light it." By Tamahou

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