Saturday, 26 August 2017

Busy bees in Room 5.

Each day when I am working with groups for Reading , Writing, Maths or Handwriting, the Room 5 students are working on what we call a tumble. A tumble is a group of themed activities that relate to the curriculum area they are working on. For example if we are working on Reading, there will be letter and word activities. These can be anything from Bingo, to writing on the whiteboard table or Study ladder.
This week I worked alongside groups to see what they liked about each activity that I had set up, showed them some new things and also had them show me some new things - they are all so creative!! I had great fun lying under the table on the ipads with one group, creating things with the Mobilo and watching them problem solve with puzzles.

Here is a little clip put together of the photos I took.

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